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Thread: update on drivekey please?!?

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    Question update on drivekey please?!?

    Anyone have some insider/info on what's happenening with an update for wiikey v1.x owners so we can play NSMB with it??? I don't understand why it's taking so long to make a device to patch the drive key via JTAG or DVD since it's taken every other chip no time to do it!! (sorry, might be ranting )

    Maybe even news if they are planning a big update that might allow something different like a USB HD loader with wii drive key maybe....
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    Wii Drive Key

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    Quoted from the Drivekey website:

    Two parts of DriveKey can be updated: The FPGA and the SPI Flash. Most updates only need to write to the SPI Flash, meaning that they can be applied via DVD. However, if an FPGA update is needed, it will be necessary to connect the d2prog JTAG programmer to DriveKey.

    For this I can assume that they are just waiting for the firmware update to be written as the D2Prog hardware is available, so I assume that this will work with the drivekey.

    Surely this hardware should be able to reprogram the drive key 1 -- as it runs using the same Actel IC as the other mod chips.

    Does anyone know if you can read the firmware off a new version 2 Drive key and then transfer it back to a Version 1 drivekey? I'm not sure if this is even possible!!!

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    I saw this as well, but you've come up with an interesting question... if it can be done, then that'd be perfect!

    Please people, that have both version chips, get one and try for us please!
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    Wii Drive Key

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    yeah i was thinking the same

    i have 2 versions drivekey. the pre-nsmb and the yellow sticker. but i dont have the d2prog. besides that, i was looking for software for the d2prog but i cant seem to find any. if you can write to a chip then probably its possible to read to. i someone know where to find software for the d2prog then i wanna take a look and maybe buy the updater

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    I've sent you a PM with a link to the software for the d2Prog,

    not sure if thats what you are looking for.

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    thnx for the info

    i see its a dos based app. cant use it because it requires the d2prog, i dont have one, i am going to search for one tomorrow. But i was looking at the .bat file for it. It seems that it can erase, flash and then verify. maybe if there is a way to make it read and save, and there is a possibility that it will work with the drivekey????, we can read the firmware off the new drivekey and write it to the older one, assuming the hardware of all drivekeys is the same, there are also different diodes on them. So who knowes??

    EDIT: dont even know if we get in trouble with this

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    i saw that its a jtag programmer for all ACTEL A3P chips. if that's the case then why didnt the people behind the drivkey release a update to use with this updater?

    i cant imagin that it is taking this long to create a update or a updater for a chip that has all the possible ways of updating implemented before any update was needed. this sucks. i bet they just reflash the older drivekeys and put a yellow sticker on it saying its the new one....

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    I wouldn't be suprised! Are you getting that JTAG programmer to give it a go then gizmo?
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    Wii Drive Key

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    i would like to but i dont know where to start

    i cannot find any description on how to use the d2prog without the d2pro firmware package. and i cannot extract it cause its encrypted

    and ive read somewhere that it wont work. but no one explains why.

    and there is also the infectus programmer thats for actel a3p chips to. they release the source of there software. and they have a program that has the read command. but i dont want to spent any money on it for nothing. i first need to find out if the pinlayout is the same or not. from the injectus and the drivekey. and even if its the same there is no guarantee that i can read out the nand of the drivekey. that may as well be encrypted.

    so maybe that i will try it out. ill let you know.

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    no go with injectus

    flatcable isnt the same and i cannot get it to recognize the a3p250. keep getting unknown device

    it says that it can work with this chip

    also do i need the wii powered on or do i only need the drivekey without the wii?

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