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Thread: where do i put cover art???

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    where do i put cover art???

    im trying to get the gsme cover art to appear in my usbloader gx in homebrew and i've tried it all please someone give me a example or show me a path.

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    It's up to you. I'm not at my house right now so I can't tell you specifically what to do. Anyway, you want to download images from (there are other ways, but I use this one) then make a folder called [whatever you want it to be called] or even just put it on the root, because it really doesn't mater. Then, just go to settings>custom file paths then you should see path for images/disk images and you want to click on the path and then choose the path to where your images are.

    Alternatively, you can just click on "list view" and then click on the game cover. USB Loader GX will then prompt you to what you want to do, you should click what you want (normal covers/high quality images look best on "list view" whereas 3d covers look best on the other 2 views) and then it should download. Note: You can only do this if you have wi-fi.

    Hope I helped ^^
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    I would to know aswell...

    Where do the covers go?

    On the HDD ? FAT32 Partition? or WBFS?

    On the SD?

    Do they have to be the same file name as the ISO?

    I am lost....


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    It's too complicated for the hdd, so I just like to put it on a SD card. Also, once you download the pics from it should already have the same game name, same goes for the "install covers" option in USB Loader GX. Here I'll give you a mini "tutorial" on what to do.

    How to get the game cover, not the disk:

    1. Get a SD Card.

    2. Put in computer

    3. Make a folder ANYWHERE with ANY name you would like, for this guide I will be creating a folder called "Images (no you do not need to capatilize I just like to do it)" on the root of the SD card.

    4. Look for the game you want and type it in here WiiTDB | Search for a Game .

    5. Look for your region, or if you like a cover from another region just rename it to the game ID for your game (e.g. I like the PAL cover from the game "Super Smash Bros. Brawl" but my ISO is the NTSC-U version, so I would download the PAL version but instead of "RSBP01" (this is the PAL version's game ID) I would rename the file "RSBE01" (this is the NTSC-U version's game ID), then from there I would put it in the "images" folder.

    6. Start up USB Loader GX, go to settings, click custom path, then click the folder that you set it up as. If you followed this tutorial then you would go and click the "images" folder.

    Note: To get the image, you want to right click then press "save as..." then save it into your "images" folder

    How to get the DISK image:

    1. Put SD in your computer

    2. In the images folder or just on another folder, put ANY folder name, for this tutorial I will name it "disk" and put it on the root of my SD card

    3. Go to WiiTDB | Search for a Game then type in the game you want, same rules apply just instead of clicking "save as..." for the cover you would do it on the disk and then save it into the "disk" folder or w/e folder you named it.

    4. Start up USB Loader GX, go to settings, go to custom paths, then click on the disk folder.

    Note: For both, right before you start up USB Loader GX insert your SD Card.

    Hope I helped ^^

    Also, ask me if you want to know how to change the background music.
    Why couldn't there be a FF7 for the PS3 -____-

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    Thumbs up

    thanks for the tip Christopho that helped alot since i do not have a wifi router or able to pick up wifi so once again thanks alot Christopho

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    cheers for the heads up on the cover site mate.

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    Been looking for this all along, thanks mate..

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    sry im lost but when u download cover from wiiflow where do they get saved to ? sc card or wii console?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbogart1973 View Post
    sry im lost but when u download cover from wiiflow where do they get saved to ? sc card or wii console?
    The SD or USB depending on where you are running WiiFlow from.
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    thx for the reply,so im running wii flow from the sd card so it will save on the sd card too then your saying ?
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