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Thread: Wii Drive Type and Modchip Compatibility Guide

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    Wii Drive Type and Modchip Compatibility Guide

    This guide will hopefully help some of u who want to find out which version wii they have without opening their wii. Please correct me if i am wrong becuase i want to make this helpful to everybody. And can guys make it a sticky?
    September 2006 to July 2007 have d2a/dms/and d2b. The best modchips for u guys in my opinion would either be the wiikey, wasabi 1, wasabi 2, or any of the d2pro9 series.
    August 2007 to start of May 2008 all have a d2c v1 chipsets. The modchips that i would look at for this would be d2ckey/pro, wasabi 1, wasabi 2, any of the d2pro9 series, argon, d2lite, wiitop, and if u want then look into the d2sun.
    May and June 2008 bought wiis all have d2c2 chipsets which i would get the d2sun v1 or v2, any of the d2pro9 series, and the wasabi 2.
    July 2008 and onwards are d2e chipsets which need d2pro9 v2 or v3, wasabi 2 and thats all so far. In the future there could be different types of chipsets. That is why i am asking to make this a sticky so it could always be there for newcomers and people who can't figure it out yet. Now the d2e's are all over the world.
    Note: this only goes by date. For more help on finding out ur chipset, go to Nintendo-Scene Wii Serial Tracker and WiiTracker F.A.Q. - Find out what's inside your console from the serial number

    Hope this helps!

    By serial number:

    Lu1 wiis can be d2a,d2b,dms, and through a gamble a d2c.
    LU10613xxxx - Have either D2C.
    But lu1's are not produced anymore.

    lu3 wiis are mostly d2c wiis but lu3000 wiis are d2a/d2b/dms wiis.
    lu31 wiis are all d2c v1 chipsets.
    lu341 and up Lu36# is d2c2.

    lu5 wiis are all d2c uptill lu56 which is d2c2.

    If the tracker sais that u have a gc2 - d2c and have cut pins then u have a d2c2 wii.

    LEH1000 - LEH1231 D2A/DMS/D2B
    LEH1233xxxxx - LEH1347xxxxx Have D2B Chips with Cut pins
    LEH1347xxxxx - LEH1356xxxxx (gamble) Could have D2B with cut pins or could have D2C
    LEH1356xxxxx - [And Higher] Have either D2C, D2C2, or D2E Chips.

    For japanese wiis u would have to go by date for the tracker does not have enough info for jap. wiis.

    LAH1000xxxxx - LAH1014xxxxx D2A/DMS/D2B without cut pins
    LAH1014xxxxx - LAH1016xxxxx (gamble) Could be safe could have cut pins
    LAH1016xxxxx - [And Higher] Have D2B Chips with Cut pins
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    Could you also specific the region? Because i've heard that July are D2E.. but only in Japan.. not America..

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    there, i edited it!
    Thanks for spotting that!

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    Hey guys i really need to know if this helps or not.
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    It can be useful, but I wouldn't call it the "Ultimate Modchip Guide", but instead call it something like "Wii Drive Type and Modchip Compatibility Guide".

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    then how do i change it?
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    Change the content and make it become the Ultimate Modchip Guide.

    I'm still so curious to find out what chipset i have without opening my Wii. Not easy to tell, every person say a different thing

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    well, did lots of research before i posted this so i think u could probably trust it so when did u buy ur wii?
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    it gives a general idea, but its not accurate still its a good approximation only. I give out similar info in my emails , and on forums like wiinewz in past, so not sure why you had to do a lot of research. Wiitracker is also well known and a good method to check, though it is a bit inaccurate at times as well.
    The best method of checking is serial # cutoff + date of purchase. This kind of information has been posted a lot already though.
    The title should be as jbloggs suggested, it makes more sense, for ultimate modchip guide it isnt really something that can be made where everyone will agree.
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    ok tut but it need some work
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