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Thread: Best emulator or vc

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    Best emulator or vc

    i downloaded th fce ultra gx nintendo emulator and some othere system emulators from the homebrew browser. are these the best ones to use or are there better emulators out there?

    also anyone know where i can get some wad files or whatever the game files are for these emulators or virtual consoul

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    anyone know?

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    Bumping a post after only 48 mins is not acceptable. Please allow for at least a day before bumping a post. This aggrivates Senior members and MODs alike. As far as where to look, google is great . Roms [roms are copies of old games turned into files] can be easily found throughout the net.

    DO NOT ask for anyone to upload these games for you and/or link you directly to these games or you will be punished accordingly.


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