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Thread: Memory saving problem? Please help.

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    Memory saving problem? Please help.

    I have an NTSC U.S.A. nintendo wii with an official wiikey installed and I have problems saving foreign games (like Jap and Pal). The games work perfectly but the data does not save. I can see the saved file icon of the foreign game in the wii's data management but my activity on the game doesn't show when I start the game ( for explain things I unlocked in the game doesn't show, my setting on the game wasn't saved, things like that). My nintendo wii firmware is 3.2 and I use gecko os to launch my foreign games. What do you think my problem is and what can I do to fix it? I appreciate your reply.

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    u don't need to use gecko os to play foreign games, just remove the updates buy using wum and burn it! Try that.


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