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Thread: NEW Drivekey v2 w/ trwing for sale!

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    Us NEW Drivekey v2 w/ trwing for sale!

    Im selling a brand new drivekey v2 modchip for the Nintendo Wii. I bought this chip not realizing I had too new of a system. This deal comes with the philips and triwing screwdriver needed to open Wii system. Also includes drivekey ribbon cable, JTAG update cable, and drivekey model sticker. This is the version with yellow sticker on back. I'll take $35 shipped. Will accept paypal.

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    how long ago did you purchase this and is it still available ?

    I'm interested.


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    Yes it is still available. Actually I just got it in yesterday. I know it works as I accessed the menu but I can't read my backups because I have the D3-2.

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    this item is SOLD.

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