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Thread: in game save progress wii homebrew

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    Unhappy in game save progress wii homebrew

    Hello i am using snes9xgx-003/genplus-gx-080716 along with wii channel homebrew. But my trouble is with my in game progress being saved.

    I do have save file located sd card apps/snes9x/saves-roms.
    but no game saves are showing up. Any help would be greatly apprecited! or if there is already a post on this matter point the way! I have looked with no luck thanks for your time.
    Also i have try to put rom/saves on the root of sd card also in apps.

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    Im haveing the same problem I think I found a way around it but your gonna need a gamecube memory card.

    Il write down the proccess that works for me in a little while.

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    well heres how I did it, do an in game save go to the snes emu menu then sram manager, save and change the source from sdcard to gamecube card and thats about it, worked for me.


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