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Thread: can someone give me a wii bit of info???

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    can someone give me a wii bit of info???

    I just bought my son a wii, AND its my favorite present he has ever recieved
    Anyway I was looking at some of the things that it is capable of and I was wondering since it integrates with the hdtv and the computer??? Can I use the wii to display pre set messages on the tv screen???? This was my thought!!! I see that you can look at weather through wii and the computer??? so wii can be used as a media center using your tv and computer??? so should there not be a way to run a program through the computer or program the wii to display messages on the tv oooohhh lets say at 800 am to remind my daughter to feed the dogs and one at 600 pm for my son to feed them???? does anyone understand what my brain is thinking?

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    No the wii cannot have Alarm messages, the wii has notching to do with a computer at all it just has wifi that allows you to o online you cannot connect the wii to a computer, unless your using homebrew which is totaly different then what you are tring to do.

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    What you need is a notepad and a fist to smack the notes to their foreheads

    but in serious no you can do that at all........................yet.


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