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Thread: Duplicate Wiiflow Games

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    Duplicate Wiiflow Games

    I have Wiiflow installed on the USB, but I have a couple of duplicate games. These games are also missing cover art. I don't know if this is a coincidence or not. The games were installed only once, and only one image exists on the hd. Should I clear the boxart and titles.ini? Any experience with this?


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    1.Have a look in WBFS manager to see if you really only have one copy of each game.

    2. Use download missing covers function in wiiflow and if covers appear for all then you have multiple copies from different regions or with different game codes.
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    Like I said, there is only one copy on the drive and Wiiflow dosn't have covers for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cliffwalker View Post
    Should I clear the boxart and titles.ini?
    The titles.ini file is a list of every known combination of titles and their regions that Wiiflow draws from to identify the game names on your drive. You want to keep that otherwise you'll have to download a new one. Keep the boxart as well.

    The wiiflow.ini file is where your list of games (and their settings) are kept. If you check it out and scroll down just past the configuration text you'll see the list of your individual games. Try doing one of two things here:
    1. Manually edit out each copy you don't want to show up. Save the file, and load Wiiflow to see if the problem is gone.
    2. Backup and remove the file from ROOT:\wiiflow\. This will force Wiiflow to generate a new list of games from your hard drive and hopefully fix any errors that were present. It will also reset all of your settings in Wiiflow.
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    Thanks, I'll give that a try

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    ok, stupid me. They weren't duplicates, they just caught my eye without covers since they just loop when viewing lots of games on the screen. anyway its all good and I found covers. thanks for the help


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