Hi All,

Just a couple of quick questions:

1 - With a version of StartPatch 4.2e that will allow me to have my out of region games played from the system menu I want to install it but it says i need to uninstall previous patches. Can someone explain to me or point me in the direction of a good FAQ on how to do this?

2 - If I wanted to place an old NAND back onto my wii that was backed up with bootmii (installed as boot2) how do i do it?

I'd like to go back to just using the menu screen rather than neogamma (for the most part, understand the super mario wii will still need to be launched this way).

3 - Last one I promise, wihtout updating the wii online again can anyone tell me / point me in the direction of how to install the BBC iPlayer wad? I have the wad already just can't get it to install.