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Thread: Error come out after installing a D2Sun chip

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    Error come out after installing a D2Sun chip

    Newbie here,

    Heres what i have D2SUN v1.2 modchip
    GC2-DC2 wii (serial number is LEH189xxxxxx)
    3.1E firmware
    games burned with imgburn 4x on a verbatin dvd-r

    Problem is after inserting a burned disk playing for 5-10minutes this message pops out
    "An Error has occurred. Press the Eject Button and remove the disk, then turn the Wii Console off and refer to the Manual. "

    Pressing the eject button doesn't do a thing. So i have to unplug my system.
    Plug it again, Then message pops out again after playing a game for 5-10minutes. So I tried an original game still the message comes out after playing for 5-0minutes. Got frustrated and took out the d2sun chip and everything was ok after that. is it the chip the clip or firmware? Any solutions? or suggestion.


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    press reset on the system when the message pops up and start playing again.

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    i had exactly the same problem after installing the same modchip in my wii, even when i played the original game discs 10- 15 mins play max. I removed the chip and the wii worked fine so this led me to believe it was the modchip. I emailed the shop i got it from and they told me they were getting a few sent back for this. he told me to send it back and he would send me a D2pro which is a better chip. After reading about the d2sun i would advise anyone to steer clear of them and go for a different one. i am posting the chip back tomorrow and when the new one arrives i will post when fitted.

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    I have done 10 of these installs using the D2Sun.. on several models Wii..
    D2B cut leg, D2C and D2C2... my customers are happy.. no issues at all..
    I would say it's probably your touch and not the ModChip issues..


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