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Thread: can you copy a game from hd to dvd using the wii?

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    can you copy a game from hd to dvd using the wii?

    hi ive got a hdd for my wii and my friend wants the same games but on discs,could i put a disc in my wii and use a app to transfer a wii game stored on the hdd to the disc and use the wii to burn it?
    can this be done?

    if not how do i transfer the game from my hdd to my pcs hdd using wbfs manager?


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    No lol, its a dvd-rom, not a burner.

    With wbfs manager, load up the drive, and right click a game and click extract iso.

    I think you have to do them one by one.

    After thats all done, burn em with imgburn, at a slow setting, and use good quality dvd-r media.

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