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Thread: What to Post here and what NOT to post here

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    What to Post here and what NOT to post here

    This section of the forum is for discussion of specific hardmod backup game loading.

    This means that your issue must be about a specific game or games that you are having difficulty with. Posts made here should reference the game name in the Topic title and Hardmod you are using where possible for quick and easy reference.

    This section is NOT for softmod backup loader issues, posting a softmod issue here may result in topic deletion and infractions against the Poster.

    This section is NOT for discussion of any softmod backup loader, cIOS, IOS, Bricks or PC Apps.

    Don't even think about posting in this section unless you are using the recommended specific brands of DVD-R, burning at the proper speeds and KNOW its not your burning process....or you will find youself in the RR or banned.

    If your topic is deleted from this section do not attempt to post it here again.
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    good try roflol...Good luck..Tealc

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    Yup modderman is right. I was helping a few people out in here and realized that they weren't even hardmodded.
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