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Thread: MSX Emulator for Wii + Roms (Pre-Coded) [RS]

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    MSX Emulator for Wii + Roms (Pre-Coded) [RS]

    Hi All,

    Recently ive been playing around with the MSX emulator for wii.

    The emulator is really good, but the problem is, that if you want to add games you must code the XML beforehand. This means it isnt very user friendly.

    But from what ive read, there are still many MSX fans out there, so ive coded a bit on the XML and uploaded this set for you guys.

    If you want more games, google is your friend.

    This pack contains the emulator and some select games which i have pre-coded for you. There are a few demos too which are playable which the author added, which are PD.


    Unzip MSX_Sor and copy the Apps folder to your Wii SD Card.

    Then run on HBC.

    It will ask if you want a gamepack, say Yes.

    This will setup the folders needed on your sd to run this.

    Dont worry it is not an install.

    Finally, after it is done put your sd in your computer again.

    Unzip the MSX_Sor file again. You will notice another folder called MSXGames and dirlist.xml.

    Copy both these into the new folder MSX which has been created on the root of your SD.

    Thats it you are done

    What is MSX?

    MSX is the name of the home computer system that was popular in the 1980s.

    Before the appearance and great success of the Nintendo Famicom, MSX was the platform for which major Japanese game studios, such as Konami and Hudson Soft, produced their titles. The Metal Gear and Castlevania series were originally written for MSX hardware.

    In 2006, Nintendo of Japan posted on its Virtual Console webpage that MSX games will be available for Wii Virtual Console.


    The games are in english.

    The GUI on this emu is really nice. I have coded it in the same style as the author, so all the games on this emu should have screenshots. So you can see them before you play

    So heres a video of the msx in action:

    Yes: - This is where metal gear solid made his debut! Check the video, thats it! Pretty amazing really.

    And heres the link: - RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

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    Hi, installed the your programed msx emu on my wii and work like a charm but i need yout correct on one of the metal gear games because u put the screenshot of metal gear 2: solid snake but the game loads as metal gear 1, is it possible to get it fixed and also if you could change the control settings so that it could play using the classic controller because i could move but cant attack like punch and pressing the codec menu?


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