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Thread: Buying Used Wii: What to Test?

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    Buying Used Wii: What to Test?

    Hello, my name is Joe and I am new to these forums. The amount of information and knowledge on here is amazing and I am impressed with the friendly sharing of information.

    I did searches, but couldn't really find an answer to my question.

    I am buying a used wii locally, and was hoping to get suggestions on how to test it and what to look for?

    I plan on softmodding it soon, so I am also gonna get the serial to determine if it has the new d3-2 drive. I know I can use USB HDD loading, but I would like to have both options available since this will be my first mod, and I would like to have 2 different ways of testing it.

    So any tips or advice you can give on making an educated used wii purchase along with testing the system would be much appreciated? (things to look for, inspect, common problems?)

    Thanks, Joe

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    Check the serial number on the wii, and go to this site: Wii Drive Chip Database After you determine the board, check the firmware on the wii. If its on 4.1 or lower then good. If its on 4.2 its okay as well, but might be a little troublesome to mod.
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