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Thread: Hi hi :]

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    Hi hi :]

    Im new here, obv :P
    Im from the UK, had my Wii a year now and decided to get it chipped 2/3weeks ago

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    If u bought it after august 2007 then u have a d2c v1 so then u would get an argon or d2ckey in my opinion.

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    I bought it about May-July I think..:S
    I took it to a shop overseas and they done it, but didnt say what they used

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    what is ur serial number, i think i can determine it then.

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    I put my Serial in NintendoSceneWiiSerialTracker earlier, and it said :

    "Your Drive Chip is most likely GC2-D2B.

    There is a 59% chance that the pins on your drive chip are cut
    and a 41% chance that that they are not cut."
    Can you determine it from that, or should I ask in the Modchip forum?

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    You think it has a WiiKey or I SHOULD get WiiKey? :S
    The chip is already installed, and I dont know what one it is :|

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    i would buy a tri-wing and open ur wii up.


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