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Thread: D2pro+ssbb+white Screen

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    D2pro+ssbb+white Screen

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    This is where I posted previously, im having all these problems as the title suggests. I guess im wondering is there any progress on this, will it ever work on my d2pro wii? Is there a detailed way of changing the layer break? This game is why I bought a mod chip, thinking of buying the game soon but I wont till ive heard back from the community, it would be ironic if the real copy didnt work either.

    Any expert help on the situation would be greatly appreciated, cheers - sting.

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    The layer break setting in IMGBurn is by going to Tools -> Settings -> Write tab and you will see the Layer break on the top right corner of the screen in the 'Options' section set to user specified and enter 2084960. Use Verbaitim DL DVD and burn at 2.4x. This is how most people have been doing it to get it to work.
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    Hey guys do Taiyo Yuden dl discs work?

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    ok ive done that and it doesnt put the layer break anywhere different to usual

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    Is this the only game you having trouble with? Have you tried other DVD DL Media? If you know someone else with a modded Wii, you could test it on their Wii.

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    try to find another download of the game i have given an attachment i got which works perfectly.
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    the img is fine, it works got it directly from a friend saw it work on his wii

    p.s. i bought the game since i couldnt figure it out
    1. img file is fine
    2. media is fine

    figure its imgburn screwing it up


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