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Thread: Installed Wiikey, Won't Read Discs

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    Us Installed Wiikey, Won't Read Discs

    Hi, I installed the Wiikey yesterday and I tried to run my burned games and update/config discs and none work. The Wii always says "Can't Read Disc". I opened my Wii again today and check for bridges and found none. I installed the Wiikey with wires since many people says its more reliable. I resoldered some wires just in case. But, it Wii still can't read any of the discs. I'm still able to play original copies though, like Super Smash Brothers Brawl with no problem.

    There is one thing that I'm suspicious about though. While I was soldering, the square solder point where I tried to solder a wire too came off like a flake. I added extra solder to an end of the wire onto the point where I'm suppose to solder to. I used hot glue right behind the solder point just in case it comes off. If this is the problem, can someone show me where the alternative soldering point is?

    I'll really appreciate it if you help me. Just tell me what other information I need to give you. Thanks!

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    Check the burned disk, there is a possible chance that you're burning the disc in a wrong way

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    How do I burn it?

    I downloaded games and convert all the files into an ISO if it hasn't already. Then I use Nero StartSmart and clicked the "Burn Image to Disc" icon. Then I select the ISO file and burn the disc onto a TDK DVD-R. Did I miss a step?

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    Try getting verbatim or taiyo yuden dvds.

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    I heard of verbatim

    Do they sell them at the stores? And are you sure TDK are not the ones to use?

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    Ive used TDK, Memorex, Sony. They all work. Just use the name brand high quality disc.

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    so I guess I have to use solder the one wire with bad connection to the alternative point?

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    i home you are using quility media like verbatim and buring at slow speeds of 4x using img burn

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    taiyo yudens are only available online.

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    where the pad came off you should be able to see a track scratch this gently with a blade to reveal the copper now get some solder and get some on the track when you have then reattach the wire to this track and be carefull not to pull as you can lift the whole track this should sort it out

    cheers smokin69

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