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Thread: Circuit City PS3 Finder

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    Circuit City PS3 Finder

    this is a great site if yall want to find a ps3 at a local circuit city. if you want a ps3 but just cant find one, or you want to avoid some of the insane game bundles offered, try this site.

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    Cool stuff. Who here is looking for a PS3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamezli View Post
    Cool stuff. Who here is looking for a PS3?
    Not looking for one yet. I will wait for a year to pass and a few killer apps to come out.

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    i got a ps3 a couple days ago. The 360 is still King IMO. Gears Of War > Resistance. PS3 store sucks. Downloads take forever. Sixaxsis controller is crap. I've picked up Bully and Okami because there aren't any good PS3 games out now. Jbj has the right idea, hold off on a PS3.
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