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Thread: I need help with my softmodded wii

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    Question I need help with my softmodded wii

    well I hacked my wii and everything was going fine but then My was updating itself to like 4.3 U but I couldnt cancel it so I had to turn it off. Then my Wii wouldnt play isos nor would neogamma or anything but the wii want updated or bricked cause everything worls fine but that

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    Congratulations... you've just updated to 4.2 (which is a no-no in all tutorials). You have wiped out your cIOS and have it replaced with a stub. You have now a much more difficult tutorial to follow: either this or or that one. Good luck.

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    well I was already 4.2U when I hacked my wii but okay ur senior member so ill trust you
    Edit: so I do everythign all over again Im actually cool with that


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