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Thread: Downgrade IOS35 on Wii 4.0E with D2sun

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    Downgrade IOS35 on Wii 4.0E with D2sun

    I have really been searching for some hours now trying to figure this out but I really cant. I have a hardmodded Wii that has been working great with regular discs. I also have HomeBrew installed so NewSuperMario will work.

    I want to run games of a HD and found a guide were one step was to downgrade to IOS35. I read later on this site that downgrades are never necessary on never WIIs. This guide was from June 2009 so I thought it was pretty fresh but YES I was a bit hasty. Searching all the forums and going through the FAQ I realised it is pretty easy to brick or mess up your WII so please help.

    After I downgraded IOS35 very many discs asks me to "Wii update" my firmware I guess. I guess I can brick and burn the games again assuming they will work but why has the downgrade of IOS changed this? As far as I understand the IOS is a set of parameters or sort of a driver for a game to work.

    Can I reverse this downgrade?
    I read it is very dangerous to try to delete IOSes !?
    Can I just install several new IOSs according to the IOS list for the games?

    I promise you I have been searching but I cant exactly figure this out.

    Please help me out ! I will be very greatful.


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    Anyone please !!!!

    Please give me the slightest help !

    I have systme menu 4.0 E hardmodded with D2sun.
    I already have HomeBrew Channel with Gecko to load NSMB

    This is what I did:
    "6) Run CMDVDX34 and only select the first option.
    7) Run WAD Manager 1.4, leave it on its default setting and install IOS35.wad
    8) Run WAD Manager 1.4 again and set it to IOS35. Install CIOSv7.wad. "

    I have downgraded IOS35 to en earlier version, correct?
    Then installed a customIOSv7, correct?

    Now most discs asks me to "WII Update"
    Are they only updating my IOS to newer version?
    Will they even update meny system?
    If I want to "reverse" IOS35 downgrade can I just install a newer version IOS35 again by downloading or with WII scrub? Using the disc update is far more dangerous and could even brick, correct?

    I have read that removing IOS is really stupid and could brick your WII etc but in WAD managaer you have to option to uninstall IOS. Is that bad then?

    ANY HELP ! Please


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    Is this a solution !

    If I follow this guide
    "How to remove softmods and make your Wii a virgin"

    and then follow the guides how to softmod and run games of USB HD should I be ok?

    Any simple answer would make me soo happy.


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    You should update your IOS35 again, download NUSDownloader and download the newest version.
    install that version with wad manager.

    Then you should be able to upgrade ciosv7 into ciosv14 and install loaders

    Also a very good tip: Remove Update from Wii games' .iso..
    You can do that with WiU, just load the ISO click remove update and then burn it to a disc or put it on your HDD..

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    NUS Downloader

    Thanks sooo much !

    NUS Downloader , fresh ISO35 so easy !

    I use Brickblocker on most games but not all and YES I should have done on all.

    Thanks again...

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    if u've read more the recent threads, u might have the idea of updating it to 4.2e, proceed the bannerbomb, Hackmii_install, BootMii, TBR, and some Loaders,....etc

    downgrading and WiiBrickBlocker are not the theme of today (correct me if i'm wrong).


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