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Thread: I need help with M.A.M.E please people what am i doing wrong?

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    I need help with M.A.M.E please people what am i doing wrong?

    Hi i am having trouble getting Mame to run a game on my wii?
    I am looking 2 get Streetfighter II worldwarriors working, i know that the loading times are really slow but i just wanna get this emulator working????
    Ive seached on here & youtube & every way i can think of so i can get it working but am having no joy what so ever I have tried both Mame & sdl mame too but still no luck Everytime i load it up it says Rom working fine but when i press the button it just says Rom missing or CHD missing? I have tried d/loading the fsfs file which i heard i needed but still the same error? Someone please tell me what i need to do or a link to a running Mame program for the Wii
    Cheers people
    Wii system on 4.2e, Darkwii Red Theme, Boot2, Preloader, Pimp My Wii, Wiiflow, Gamecube Loader 0.2 & Triiforce

    Hope ive helped, in return please help me & push that "THANKS" button

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    i have the same problem. unfortunatly mame on the wii is not the best right now. i suggest getting older games such as,simpsons,ninja turtles, and rampage. those games are perfect! i can tell you this, all roms that have (4 player) or (2 player) on the side of there name are almost garenteed to work


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    Last I heard MAME on the wii wasn't very good as reatret said. Load times are long and some stuff just doesn't work. If anyone knows anything different I would LOVE IT if you could prove me wrong. I'd love to have some good working MAME on the wii.


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