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Thread: wondering how to install emulators?

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    wondering how to install emulators?

    just finished with the 3.1-4.1 mod and now trying to figure how to put on the emulators. not very computer savy so not really understanding. would like to start off with the nes emulator.

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    Go to and check the emulators there. You should be able to download the files from there, and install the files to your SD card. there is a folder for each emulator that goes into the apps folder on your SD card, and there is also another set of folders that go onto the root of the SD card where your games are saved to and where you drop the ROMS for the emulator. Hope this helps.

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    What does the "root of the sd card" mean?

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    The root is the top of the folder hierarchy. Basically, when you plug your SD card into your PC and you open up the card, you are sitting in the root of the drive. Makes sense?

    maybe this will help you understand what it is...... Root directory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    i should add that once you install the files to your SD card, that you can then open up the homebrew channel and can load the emulator from there. You will need to navigate to the ROMS folder from within the emulator when you open it up the first time.

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    The root directory is just the very base of the card.

    If you look at C:\Programs\Blablabla

    The folder "Programs" is sitting in the root. You see it right when you open the C:\ drive. Once you go inside the "Programs" folder, you're no longer in the "Root" directory.

    So basically as soon as you look in your SD card, you're in the root directory. Hope that helps.

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    Can I put the roms for the emulators on an external harddrive? And if so how?

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    It depends on the emulator, but for snes9xgx, you just makes a folder wherever you want on the fat32 drive, and put the roms in. The go into the settings of snes9xgx and go into the options, and change the path of the roms to usb:/wherever you put them.

    Other emualtors should be able the same.


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