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Thread: Hi All

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    Hi All

    Hi everyone, i'm a total newbie to the wii,
    so it looks like i've got a lot of reading to do

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    hey welcome to the forums! if u have any questions, feel free to pm anytime, i stay on 24/7 well execpt when i am sleeping, i just leave my laptop on the whole time so yeah! pm me anytime u like!

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    Thanks smasher i will probably have loads of questions.

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    Welcome Robots42, hope you enjoy your stay. Its a great community. I would recommend that you post any questions you have in the forums instead of using PM, that way other people who may have the same question may also learn from the reponses, after all it supposed to be a community who help each other.

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    Thanks jbloggs,yes i will post in the forums. Cheers

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    I'm sure this will help you a lot:

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    well youve come to the right place
    Send me a PM if you need any support

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    I've found all the answers to my questions here with a little searching! Enjoy

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    Thanks very much everyone


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