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Thread: How to play backup NTSC disk on a Pal System

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    How to play backup NTSC disk on a Pal System

    I had real problems with playing NTSC backup games on my Pal system. Either the screen went black n white or froze on a green screen *of death* (meaning you needed to reboot).

    First download your NTSC game (tehPARADOX.COM Online Sharing Community is great, especially if you invest in a month subscription to Megaupload & get their download manager). This is the direct link of pure gold: Hippyfreak's WII "ISO ONLY" thread 100s of Pal & NTSC games.

    Get WiiBrickBlocker + RegionFrii. Both very simple to use. The latter changes (or fools the Wii into thinking its a Pal game & the former is some kind of update block. USE BOTH, RegionFrii first. Plenty of advice about them on here.

    Burn your disk with ImgBurn, or whatever you use.

    Ok, so you have your disk, now it's time to tell Wii it's a Pal disk using Neogamma which you should already have.

    Region Options (Go down using D pad) and (Press A)
    Boot Lang: Auto force (Use remote D pad)
    Force Video Wii
    Patch Video All
    VIDTV yes
    Patch Country Str: Yes

    Then return to menu (Press A)

    Go up to Launch Game on DVD (Press A)

    If all done correctly it will play It goes without saying not all NTSC games will play, although i've not come accross any as yet.
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    I will try this as i'm new to this,Sounds good,thanks

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    why make it so hard if you can just download wIu now a days , and patch the update and patch to pal , ntsc and ntsc to pal etc. Regards

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    It isn't difficult & I never heard of Wiu, but if that's easier

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    You dont need wiibrickblocker first off. If you have preloader installed, it will block disc updates anyways. Regionfrii is a waste of time also. If you set neogammas "force region" to wii instead of disc, all games will boot to pal. And the green screen freeze means that game cant be played by forcing a region change. You also dont need a megaupload membership to download files.
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    Still to what works that's what I say. Never had a problem with my way of doing it. I never said you needed a membership, just a good idea if downloading loads of files.

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