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Thread: Did I mess my wii up?

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    Did I mess my wii up?

    I Have had a drivekey in for about a week, everything working fine.
    I Got NSMB and put it in, said it had to update, ran the update, wii rebooted, NSMB said it needed to update again so I ran it again then at the end a black screen popped up with a error saying the update failed and to reboot the wii and check the manual.
    The wii rebooted fine, wii channel shows version is now 4.1u, however when I insert that NSMB disc the wii black screens with a system error (not a read error). Every other game I have burnt works though. Should I try reburning NSMB or did I screw something up/am I screwed?

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    With the NSMB it has BCA protection so you need to check if the latest firmware allow the bypass of the BCA protection.

    I know the WasabiDX's latest firmware bypasses the protection.

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    I know the drivekey I got is a yellowdot so it's supposed to work with NSMB.
    Maybe it was just a bad burn.
    I'll try and rent an original and see what happens I guess.

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    OK, I got a different NSMB iso and it works.
    So I'm guessing all is fine.


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