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    Pre Loader

    Hello, i have softmodded my wii and everything runs fine apart from, and not a major problem but would like to see if there is a solution.

    When i start the wii its goes to the preloader menu which i then have to select system menu ton continue.

    Is there any way to get this to boot straight to the wii system menu?

    thanks for any advice offered?


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    Straight to the preloader menu? Don't you mean straight to the bootmii menu? o.o

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    I had the exact problem and found the solution here:

    My unit is a 4.2u modded with Messie's guide. Basically the problem was with the latest revision of Priiloader. I replaced the boot.dol file for Priiloader with the one suggested and now all is well.

    Uninstall Priiloader through Homebrew
    Remove the SD card
    Download the new boot.dol file
    Save the new boot.dol file to the SD:/apps/priiloader folder
    (Keep the old boot.dol file in a safe place just in case)
    Put the SD card back in the Wii
    Re-install Priiloader

    Good luck!


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