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Thread: USB Ethernet adapter that works

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    USB Ethernet adapter that works

    I have just bought a USB to Ethernet that plugged in and worked with no problems using the wired option in settings.
    Just wanted to share this with you as it was 5.85 (free P&P) from eb auction site.
    New USB Internet LAN Network Adapter Connector For Wii
    seller szjskj2007

    I have no involvement with the seller but just wanted to say that I wanted this one as it has a flying lead and wouldn't interfere with the USB drive socket as some might if I bought a stick like one.

    It is also plugged into a 'Billion' mains ethernet box that connects via my mains system to the adsl router.

    Not sure what my wireless speed was but this is subjectively faster.

    I hope the mediators of the site are OK me posting this for everyone as I know that some can pay a lot of money for one of these.

    I can now transfer files from my PC to Wii FAT32 partition, using FTPii at around 200KB/sec (using Filezilla). I know this isn't briliant but it is better than before.

    Two things to look for
    1. My hard drive has a sleep mode and FTPii will not mount it if it has gone to sleep, so I need to start it before running FTPii. Anything that kicks it into life is OK.
    2. Still not found a way to map the USB drive in windows.

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    For further information:
    When I use the adapter in a PC is shows up as
    ASIX AX88772 USB2.0 to Fast Ethernet Adapter

    A driver is not needed to the Wii, but is available on the net for XP (etc.)

    The device works well on a PC and gives speed as expected, about 50% of max bandwidth on a 100/10 network.

    The Wii however is very poor. This can't be a function of the device as the speed is high on the PC but on the Wii, using exactly the same cables and FTP software, it is about 20 times SLOWER, so FTP file copies take ages.

    The speeds of USB (approximately) are :
    USB 1.0 1.5Mb/sec
    USB 1.1 12Mb/sec
    USB 2.0 480Mb/sec

    I may be making 2+2=5 but it looks like my Wii may be running at a USB1.1 rate. According to the specs that I have read, the Wii should always have been USB 2.0.

    The only other thing I can think of is that the internal performance of the Wii cannot manage the data transfer speed, or FTPii server that I am running is slowing it down.

    It is much faster than wireless which is about 5 times slower that the wired, but the wired is still pretty unusable for large file transfer (about 4 mins for a 56,000,000 file)

    So , happy with the device I bought but needs some thoughts on the Wii if anyone has solved this?

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