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Thread: Using Power, Reset, Eject as buttons

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    Using Power, Reset, Eject as buttons

    anyone know what the power, reset, eject buttons equal too. left, right, enter, or whatever they translate to. i just dont want to screw up my wii. stuck at the bootmii section of the mod. i dont have a game cube controller so i hope this works
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    Hi There ! My first post here .
    I softmoded my Wii 4.1E yesterday according to tutorial. And .... fortunately all went well ! Strugled for a while with POWER/RESET/EJECT buttons to control but I figured them out after a while.
    So.... in my Wii when I pressed POWER button the highlighting of icons goes to the right side one by one. RESET is a confirmation to go deeper (enter) what we had choosen. Hope it helps! Cheers from Finland.

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    power = cycle through the opyions

    reset = use the option selected

    eject = eject the disc

    Edit: Finland 1 England 0


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