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Thread: How to play conduit/mad world on my homebrewed without bricking

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    Talking How to play conduit/mad world on my homebrewed without bricking

    Hi, I have a wii, with the homebrew channel, and some other stuff I downloaded... I bricked my psp, but I got my wii working.... I just rented the conduit and mad world from my library, and when I put in both they want me to update...

    I knew this was a bad idea, so I did not do it... I looked online, an it seemed that I could download the geckos, and somehow skip the update. I downloaded the gecko os, and I did not see that option in the options...

    Then I ran both games with the gecko os, and it wanted to download ios55-64-v4633.wad, from the internet to run the games...

    Now I am a nube, and able to admit it.. I have no idea if I want to install this update or not. I usually do not like bricks... I would like to not mess my wii up. So I would appreciate any help you guys can give.. thanks so much!


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    use priiloader to stop updates

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    Hey, I was thinking of doing that... But, I used the homebrew channel browser to download geckos... now, I can see the conduit, and it will start to boot up, but then it is just a black screen.... I do have the option of the system iso, but I can't get it to work, so now I have a new set of problems!!

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    Umm you can try using neogamma R7. dont worry, automatically block the error 002 that conduit have, ive played original games in neogamma and works good, no updates hope i helped

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    So, I loaded it in geckos again, and this time it wanted to download a ios 55 wad, which i assume is the operating system, so I did it... I reset it, and then it still wanted to do a system update, but I opened it in geckos, and it actually worked, I played the original disc! But, now I would like to try to get it to work in the original wii menu!

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    Do like another person has already recommended on this thread and install Priiloader. Priiloader lets you skip all disc updates. Do a search for Priiloader and you will likely find plenty of information to help you with your issue.

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    Ok, will do... I just don't want to mess up my sd card or wii! It will play the game now... with preloader, can I just open the disc from the home menu?

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