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Thread: Noobie Qns

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    Noobie Qns


    I'm planning to follow this guide

    with priiloader being installed (enable 'skip disc update check' and region free ones)
    with boot2 as IOS

    I have a 4.0U wii, LU64+...

    I have a couple of post mod qns:

    1.) Am i right to say that mines a NTSC-U or so called USA version/machine?

    2.) By going through USB loader, am i able to play only NTSC games?... What about PAL games?

    3.) If i were to run PAL games, will i get bricked?

    4.) If i were to run PAL games and accidentally select the 'system update', will my priiloader save me by blocking?... will i get bricked?

    5.) Are games only divided into NTSC and PAL?... I've seen the terms NTSC-J and NTSC-U... Does this 2 terms have any effect with the NTSC/PAL games?

    6.) I understand that priiloader blocks the dics update checks... Does this mean that i can now safely connect to the internet without worries of system updates?

    7.) Am i right to say that currently, only with bootmii installed as boot2 can save a fully bricked wii?

    I know these are quite noob qns but im new to the system... Hope someone can answer my queries...

    Thank You
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    1 Thats what the U means after the 4.0

    2 No, and yes. Sometimes pal games have problems, dont really know why, i have some that work, and some that didnt, had to redownload ntsc versions. But most should work.

    3 No, but if you update from a pal game you will brick. Make sure to have the priiloader no disk updates hack on. Also, if you load up your harddrive with wbfs manager it rips all that crap out. The usb loaders probably do too, not sure.

    4 Uh, if your priiloader is working, you shouldnt even get the option to update. So if it asks you, and you click yes, it will probably mess up your wii.

    5 Im not sure, but if its like older consoles, like ps2 or ps1, then, they are the same. Except J is japanese, so the game will be in japanese.

    6 No, disk updates are not the same as online updating with the wii. But internet is safe. Make sure to turn off, or leave off, wiiconnect24. And if it ever asks you to turn it on, dont. If it ever asks you to update, dont. Internet channel and playing online games is fine, but dont cheat online, you will get banned.

    7 Yeah. But i dont really know what fully bricked means. Priiloader is good for fixing bricks, say if you install a bad wad, you can use priiloader to get into homebrew channel to uninstall it. But thats a banner brick, not a full brick. In any case, if you have both, you are pretty safe. EDIT: I forgot to add, this is all true, but only if you have a NAND backup. So if you have one, keep it safe somewhere. If you dont, make one.

    Were you able to install bootmii as a boot2?

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