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Thread: Wiikey 2, 1.3 firm...4.2 wii firmware

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    Angry Wiikey 2, 1.3 firm...4.2 wii firmware

    I have a wiikey 2, had it installed 2 yrs ago maybe less, everything worked fine..never had any problems till I put nsmb in then updated to took my homebre channel off my wii and now it will only read originals...once in a wile i will get lucky and it will read a game but if i take the game out and put another one in, it wont read the disk but original will play every time...if someone knows whats up with that please help me out...if all you have is sarcasm and shit to talk keep your comments to yourself, I need someones help not attitude!

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    The problem is that the 4.2 disables out of region gaming on modchips. So if the games that you are trying to play are out of region, that may be the problem.
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    yeah there most likely out of region i didnt even know mine were pal backups. but im back up and running


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