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Thread: USB Loader GX working without SD Card

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    USB Loader GX working without SD Card

    I completed messie's tutorial for my wii which was version 4.2U

    I have an external USB drive with a 250GB WBFS, a 50GB NTFS, and a 5GB FAT32 partition. After placing all of my games on the HDD with USB Loader GX, I removed the SD Card to prevent my kids from messing with Homebrew Channel stuff and the next time I launched USB Loader GX, I got the Exception (DSI) occurred , core dump message. I put the SD card back in and it worked.

    After searching around, here is what I did to remove the dependency of the SD card.

    • connect USB drive to my computer
    • dump the contents of the SD card onto my external hard drive's FAT32 partition (it wont work on the NTFS partition)
    • copy the contents of the SD card to the root directory of the FAT32 partition
    • on the FAT32 partition, I also created the following empty directories:
    • put the SD card and USB drive back on Wii
    • Launch USB Loader GX (it is still using the SD card here)
    • Click the Settings (gears icon) and then scroll to the 2nd page and click "Custom Paths"
    • For each entry that is currently pointing to an SD:/ path, change it to the corresponding USB:/ path
      For example, change '2D Cover Path' from SD:/Images/2D to USB:/Images/2D and so on. The only one I couldnt get to work was converting Theme Download Path from SD:/config/theme to USB:/config/theme so I just placed those in USB:/wtheme instead (USB Loader GX was not recognizing my config/theme directory)
    • Once all of the paths have the SD:/ references removed, exit USB Loader GX, remove the SD card, and then launch USB Loader GX again.
    • This time, it launches using the USB external drive, no need for the SD card anymore

    maybe this will help someone else

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    Great tutorial! It's amazing how simple it is! I didn't create the folders on the fat 32, just literally hit "select all" on the sd card and "copy to" the root of my hdd drive. I'm making individual folders as I need them.

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    oh my goshhhh i love u no homo i have been trying so freakin hard to find answers to make this work *****five stars buddy lol

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    Or you could just install the channel instead of the forwarder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dudeman1st View Post
    Or you could just install the channel instead of the forwarder.
    ^^^ That is how I did mine. Same issue though I have a 3 yr old who LOVES the Wii, and knows how to load USB Loader scroll and start the game he wants. Unfortunately He opened the SD a few times. Now my loader is a channel, parental controls are enabled, and the SD contains only game covers. I figure if anybody bricks the Wii it may as well be Mii.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dudeman1st View Post
    Or you could just install the channel instead of the forwarder.
    could you explain that in some more detail for this newbie?? it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Or you could just delete the config file totally and the next time you start up USB Loader GX it will make a new config file directly on the media that is present. At least thats how I did mine. Or you can just do a fresh install of USB Loader GX to the fat32 partition and start it up without and SD card for the initial startup.


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