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Thread: Need HELP Restoring the Trucha Bug!!

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    Need HELP Restoring the Trucha Bug!!

    I have one of the older wiis from earlier 2007 (date of purchase)
    I have HBC running on my wii
    I have system menu 4.2U on my wii

    I want to install the USB loader but 1st I need help installing the trucha bug as explained here: Modify any Wii 4.2 & below -

    and also explained here in Step 2 (Restoring The Bug Into IOS36):

    I took the following screen shots with my camera

    Step 1:

    Step 2:

    Step 3:

    Step 4:

    Step 5:

    Step 6:

    Step 7:

    After step 7, I get kicked back out to the menu as seen in Step 1. I don't think it is working, see the mesage I get in Step 7. Anyone know how to get the trucha bug installed (Restoring The Bug Into IOS36)?


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    im using 4.2u as well and i have usb loader installed and neogamma without using dope ios
    jus google how to install cios249 on 4.2u
    i used waninkoko's wadinstaller v4.1 highly recommended for 4.2u i also have vc games and n64 emu's as channels on my wii using wadinstaller v4.1

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    PLease see this link:

    I am on step 2 of that guide, sounds like you went stright to step 4 without doing step 2 nor step 3? Why are all the guides different, when it should be the same for my exact setup. I also found a version 10 of DOP IOS-MOD, should I be using version 10 and not version 9?

    Step 1 - Installing Homebrew Channel and Bootmii

    Step 2 - Restoring The Bug Into IOS36

    Step 3 - Delete The Stubbed IOS

    Step 4 - Installing cIOS249-rev14

    Step 5 - Install and Patch A Few More IOS

    (Optional) Step 6 - Hermes' IOS222 and IOS223

    Step 7 - Installing Priiloader (Brick Protection and System Hacks)

    Step 8 - Backup Launchers


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    ios36 will be disguised as ios249

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    some may disagree, but it may be easier to use a program called "pimp my wii" then run cios
    there is info on it at
    download from
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    i suppose add me as a friend aand ill keep u updated on new update that i find. ill constantly on the prowl for new ways to get the most from my wii

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    I just don't understand why I am looking at numerous guides and none of them are the same. I'll link each guide I am looking at below. You would think the steps would match and you would also think the steps would match with the on screen prompts that you see on the television as you actually are hacking your wii.

    Guide 1)

    Guide 2)

    Guide 3) HOWTO: Setup a System Menu 4.2 Wii for playing backups of commercial games with uLoader Ade's Softmodding Wii blog

    Guide 4) Modify any Wii 4.2 & below -

    Guide 5)

    And here is another link:

    I read through all of these so many times, and none of them seem to match exactly, and the prompts don't match either. bummer, hope i can get an official word from a mod of this site, since I am really using that guide as the basis and that guide don't work either :-(

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    here's the guide i used and it comes with every link needed and a step by step tutorial

    pretty simple...let me kno if this helped any

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    click the blue header adove the video inmy post then when u get to youtube click more info in the user's profile to get the download links

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    thanks, I am going to watch it about 3 times and write down all the steps before I do anything. I"ll post back here in about 35 minutes.

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