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Thread: Help with Loader Please

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    Help with Loader Please

    I seem to be having some issues with my loaders. I will try to provide as much info as I can.

    It seems every time I disconnect the HD and move the Wii to diff room my games stop working any way here goes

    I redid my 4.2 softmod last night (dont ask) I connected my drive all worked great. today I unhooked the drive installed a few more games to it using wbfs manager. I reconnected the drive and went to loader gx. now i get a few diff problems each time I load GX.
    1 it stops at loading wbfs
    2 it stops at initiating usb / initiating sd
    3 black screen
    4 seems there was another but cant rem

    If I try to use the neo gamma it starts and list the games but will not get passed the loading screen.

    I bet if i go back through the softmod steps it will work again but I do not want to do that every time

    any ideas would be greatly appreciated if more info is needed plase just ask.

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    Find your device here: USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp

    Make sure it is supported, and check to see if you need to use a specific loader/cIOS. My HD has to use cIOS 222 by Hermes. I can't use cIOS 249 by Waninkoko.

    If your device should be supported regardless, then I don't know what exactly is wrong.

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    If I had a Bad image on the drive would it cause these problems?

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    it was a hard drive issue. I think the drive is failing. A new drive resolved the problem so far.
    thanks for the info


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