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    Exclamation [Contest] - Screengrabs

    Welcome Everyone,

    This contest is called Screengrabs. The rules are simple :

    - Guess which Wii game the picture below belongs to
    - Be the 1st to answer correctly
    - The answer MUST be the exact name of the game
    ( Example = "Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles" )
    - Contest ends : 1/25/10 6:00 PM (GMT -05:00)

    The winner will recieve the exact game they guess as a pre-wiiscrubbed NTSC ISO on a private high speed torrent link to them alone to freely download if they wish.
    ( Only if you agree that you already own the game and just want a backup copy )

    Have fun and good luck to everyone...Cheers!

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    how we going to be able to tell u messed the photo up 2 bad, inless its like mario or something i have no clue my self so and its also small so

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    This thread makes me lol.

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    This whole thread is fail. Closed


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