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Thread: WiiFlow question from newbie

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    WiiFlow question from newbie


    Had WiiFlow working fine for a few weeks, then
    upgraded to v4.2e - Now wiiFLow does not work correctly.
    (I have a drivekey installed and my HBC seems to be intact)
    I cannot reach the games menu via the starlight chanel installed.
    When I click on the WiiFlow (starlight) chanel, the screen goes black
    and hangs. The screen does not then display the normal "please wait....!"
    text. How can i recover this? My partitioned USB HD seems intact when I look at the games via WBFS manager on my PC.

    I'm a bit stumped as to where to begin. Grateful for any help
    as to where I should start looking for a resolution.

    PS: great forum community!
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    Well. After a couple of hours and a bit of luck. I found the answer.
    Installed IOS250.. and it now all works a treat.

    I'll leave this post "up" in case anyone else has the same issue as ME.

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    You see. Searching is best!

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    Don't knock the forum community, its a great community.

    At peak traffic periods, thread here get buried fast. Most likely, people that knew what to tell you just didnt see this thread.


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