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Thread: [Contest] - Signature Competition

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    Exclamation [Contest] - Signature Competition

    Hello Everyone,

    I have decided to hold a Competition to show off how many skilled members we have in the digital world. This is my very 1st Signature Competition. The rules are simple :

    - Theme :

    - Description :
    Anything related to this site that has to do with a Wii console, Wii Accessories, the word "Wii" or "Wiihacks" and so on...
    (not a certain wii game or character)

    - Requirements :
    ~ Your user name MUST be in the sig.
    ~ "Wiihacks" or "" MUST be in the sig.
    ~ Your entry MUST be made soley by you and you alone and submitted in this thread before the ending time of the competition.

    - Min. Size :

    - Max Size :

    - End Comp Date :
    1/25/10 6pm (GMT-05:00)

    - Prizes :
    ~ 1st Place
    A digital award that can be placed into your sig on the forum declaring you the official winner of my very 1st Sig Comp on as well as a $1.00 Donation to wiihacks in credit to you and braging rights to boot...

    ~ 2nd Place
    As the runner up you will recieve the pleasure of picking the next sig comp theme giving you that much more of an advantage next time...

    ~ 3rd Place
    You will recieve an internet hug provided by myself (best prize IMO)...

    So have fun everyone and let the competition begin...Cheers!
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