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Thread: disc ejecting problems

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    disc ejecting problems

    hello there guys ,i wonder if any of you nice people can help ,ive bricked 2 wiis
    ive fitted d2c wii clips to the wii and when i power it up there is no ejecting mechanism working think the chip may have bricked them please help ,gary

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    well u might've put the wrong chip to the wrong chipset. Check what type chipset it is.

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    hi no ive checked online and there definately d2c chips needed thats what i fitted ,thnaks for any help you can give

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    u can't always trust online, when did u buy the wii?

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    1 was brand new in the box 1 week old the other 2 months old

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    well i need the exact date u bought em.

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    I may be wrong, but shouldnt the chip type of the wii be written on the chip you put the wiikey on?

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    if you remove the chip does it still work....provide the serial numbers along with what chips you have put on


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