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Thread: Nother Noob asks a question

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    Nother Noob asks a question

    Yup I'm totally new asking yet another bunch of inane questions, I have only been reading through this forum for about an hour and I new a few questions answered PLEASE

    I've got a PAL console awhile after launch , checked the serial it says "drive chip most likely GC2-DMS" and "most likely pins are uncut"

    I understand the pins are essential for some mod chips to be installed so I should be fine on that, but what is a recommended chip for me? there are soo many right now.

    and should I get the chip clip thing as I havent done any soldering,I mean it shouldn't be too hard to solder? even using a clip some soldering is required?

    my Firmware is up to date, looking at the D2pro but what is the 9 wire and 13 wires about?
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    Wiinja deluxe, YAOSM 3.0, if u get the yaosm, don't update to 1.8! u won't be able to play ssbb or smg. Try the d2pro9 v2 presoldered to a wii-clip.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks Smasher

    Is the presoldered Clip and Chip all I'll need besides the tri-wing screwdriver?

    Do I need a programmer?

    Edit:Ok as I have a DMS and according to this thread I wont need a prog

    What the is SPI and what do the the different amounts of wires/point mean?
    some D2pro's are 9 wire and some are more.
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    just get presoldered one. And since u have the gc2-dms, there is no need whatsoever for a d2prog.
    Now all of them come with the latest firmware and spi 1.5 so buy it from gmodz.

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    DAmn I think I've done a stupid thing

    ordered from here:

    d2pro9v2 bundle-free triwing d2pro9v2 bundled with v4c pre soldered clip [d2pro9 v2 bundle] - 41.99 :, mods-modchips-repairs

    as it states:

    The pre-soldered clips will be shipped for D2C/D2C2 . If you have

    DMS / D2A / D2B / D2B with cut pins ?

    you must tell us in the order comments when checking out,

    so we can solder the correct points for the modchip to work in your console!

    I forgot to say it was a DMS
    Is the soldering the same on a D2pro witha clip for a D2c and a DMS, I'm thinking I've just made a crucial mistake
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    see if u can stop it from making a transaction or get a refund.

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    Dammit I ordered earlier today the chips already been sent out in the Mail

    I got someone to order it for me due to lack of funds on my part and I forgot completely about that part until about an hour ago.

    Spyman basically explains the problem need 5 points instead of 9 for DMS

    Its ok he was fine with it and sent a out a new one.

    Thanks for the help Smasher
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