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Thread: Console only for sale, 4.1 BOOT2!

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    Console only for sale, 4.1 BOOT2!

    I am selling my spare wii console and figured somebody here would want it. It is missing the top covers, the second usb port is missing the little internal plastic piece(the first one is okay), the sd card slot didnt work, i bent the pins back up(somebody put a card in backwards). The drive had a very light scraping noise. It turned out to be the top spinning plastic piece's arm was a little tweaked. I bent it back and it quit. It is fully softmodded with bootmii as boot2

    I am looking for $130 + shipping OBO.

    I dont have pictures but i can get some if you would like.

    Thank you, Darren

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    BUMP. Nobody wants a basically brick proof wii? I am negotiable with the price.


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