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Thread: weird thing plz help

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    weird thing plz help

    hey guys
    im looking for some help, ive downloaded 2 wii games and extracted the rar files to its own folder but when i click on the new folder all i see in there is 1 rar file with the game size. i try to extract it again and its saying its either unrecognised format or corrupt now 2 games shouldnt do the same thing and say the same. do i just burn that file in imageburn as its showing as an iso file even though its a rar icon. plz help me as im downloading more as we speak as im getting my wii chipped at weekend.

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    Yep, it is an .iso and that is what you need to burn with imgburn.
    sounds like your winrar is the default program in your windows for ISO and that is why you are seeing the rar icon. If you doubleclick the rar file, then it will try and open or unrar and you do not want that. Just use imgburn and point to that .iso and you should be good to go.

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    thanx m8 ill try that
    and will post back here any more probs if i run into any.


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