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Thread: USB Loader GX help

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    USB Loader GX help

    I have USB Loader gx loaded as a channel. But it seems that you have to have an sd card in the slot to save any settings. If I reload USB loader without the sd, it boots, but all settings are lost. No cover art, no themes, nothing. I set all the default directories to the usb. No joy. I also loaded an older wad and set all the default directories to usb then did an update, thinking it would reset itself. It didn't work. I'm about to beat my head against the wall. Does anybody have any idea how to save settings in usb Loader without having the sd card in.

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    I am new but can it be that your ehd is not partitioned with a FAT 32 section and a wbfs section. The USB loader, I can imagine saves the data on FAT 32 like your SD card? And if it doesnīt have that partition then it canīt save anything. Just maybe?

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    No. It's not that because my hd is formatted with 100gb FAT32 and 400gb WBFS. The FAT32 partition works great with everything else. I even have my box art and themes on there. I have no idea what is going on.

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    I couldn't get USBLoader gx to work either without SD.
    I then changed to Wiiflow and that works perfect

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    Cool. I'll try that. I really need to have an idiot proof wii, so that nobody in the house can screw anything up.

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    working for me now

    this is how i got it to work without installing anything different.

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    It sounds like you have the destination folders wrong? Follow dhs28's guide, he does a great job laying out how you can create each file to be thorough. Also, did you remember to manually transfer the contents of your cover art and themes files to the new directories?

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    I'm gonna try it in the morning. I've been battling with getting triifirce to work all day, with no success. I am burnt out on hacking my wii for the moment.


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