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Thread: Playing AVI Files on Wii

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    Playing AVI Files on Wii

    Hi there! Super new at this stuff so a little help would be greatly appreciated. I have a dvd player that plays avi files but I want to move it into the bedroom so I am exploring another function of this wonderful machine. I downloaded MplayerAX-MPAX.wad from an earlier post and installed it with Wad Manager. I get the menu that ask's do I want to use the dvd drive, USB, SD Card or some Gecko thingy in port A or B. I have been able to watch an avi file off of my SD card. I have not tried to play a regular DVD yet. Here is the problem, I tried a thumb drive in both slots in back of the Wii with no luck. The drive light does not even come on. I am going to try another drive which I prefer to SD card because of space. Is it just that my Wii does not like the thumb drive? Also, initially I wanted to put the avi files on my HD that my games are on because that one works no problem but I do not know how to get the avi files on the HD. WBFS only does iso files. Any advice on both problems would be appreciated!


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    better use Mplayer CE 0.76, the one you use is outdated. plus install ios202 from Hermes installer v4 for usb loading. last, make sure you use the outer usb port

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    Thanx messie. I will give that a try and report back my findings. Can I use my drive with the games on it for this purpose once I upgrade? How would I put avi files on it?

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    you can create two partitions on it, one being wbfs

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    Okay. The games would be under one partition and the movies under another then, correct? Also, I am currently playing games with my HD in the far left USB port so do I need the Ios202?

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    mplayer says it needs ios202 for usb 2. From that i get that you need it, but you can try it and if you dont have results, install it.

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    makes sense, will report back with my findings, Thanks!

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    Sorry it took so long, messie! I found that I already had the Hermes loader on my Wii, so I followed the instructions and loaded the Ios202. I then put the Mplayer CE 0.76 on my SD card. It works like a charm. I can only load from the Home Brew but that is okay. In time I will find a wad file to make a channel. Thanks for all your help!

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    you can install a forwarder. A forwarder looks like any other channel on the wii, but loads the files from sd card.

    If you can get it to work from homebrew then all you need to do is install the forwarder wad. If you ever want to upgrade mplayer just replace the .dol file on the sd card and leave the forwader channel as it is.

    Let me just find the link for you...

    EDIT: Here it is. Just download the forwarder channel:

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    So, just to clarify something that you brought up kirky_D,

    A Channel can be ran without an SD Card?

    A Forwarder looks like a channel but is actually run off the SD Card files?

    Something run from Homebrew has to have the SD Card present?

    Thanks for the help by the way, will install the loader tonight.

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