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Thread: little problem im having

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    little problem im having

    my wii is 4.0
    with homebrew channel
    can i update the wii system? would this just stop the hombrew from working or block my wii

    want to update for the wii shopping channel (got a wii speak and it wants me to upgrade)

    i paid someone to mod my wii as im really not technical, ive heard that you can update the wii shopping channel by using a homebrew application, but im not sure how to do this, as if i did anything to the homebrew channel i havent a clue how to sort it out, if anyone could point me to a tutorial or and help for me that would be fantastic, really sorry if this is posted in the wrong place trying to navigate around the site,so many things going on that i dont really understand

    thank you

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    I want you to read this Thread HERE first to learn something useful


    HERE is the wii shop info...

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    thank you so much, will have a look

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    just want to say thank you again, got the shop to update, should of searched harder to find what i was looking for, its simple once you read up on everything, thank you


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