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Thread: just ordered my wode. i need some help.

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    just ordered my wode. i need some help.

    after doing some research, i decided to order a wode. i want to back up my games and play them through a hdd. are there any tutorials on how to back up my games and use them through my wode? i've also heard of some power supply issues with hdd's without their own power supply. does anyone use a hdd without a power supply? and last, what are the best sites to download games once i learn how to.

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    First question - tutorials = yes, this forum has some really good one. Search tool is your friend.

    Second question - HDD and power supply = yes I do. But if you are not sure about your USB HDD get yourself a AC powered USB hub. Not expensive and will certainly prevent any potential problems.

    Last question - download games = again search tool of this forum is your friend. But seriously there are so many places that list games to download. Just google

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    Official WODE website, has all the info you need;

    WWW.WODEJUKEBOX.ORG • Index page


    Hippyfreak's WII "ISO ONLY" thread

    Happy hunting!


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