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Thread: New SN LEH2007

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    New SN LEH2007

    Hi all,

    I've bought a new Wii a few days ago and need to fit a mod chip. Only problem is I don't want to open it up until I come to mod it.

    The SN starts with LEH2007 and its a UK console. I'm guessing its a D2E chip since its really new, and the D2 Pro supports this chip with the 9 Wire install.

    Does anyone have any experience with these new consoles with the SN beginning with LEH2007?

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    yeah go to this link. Get the d2pro9 v3 with wii-clip.
    Mod*Central*Ltd.**::*Nintendo*Wii*::*Modchips*::*D 2Pro9*V3*Bundle*(D2Pro9*V3*+*V4C*WiiClip*+*Triwing *Screwdriver)

    This modchip is designed to work flawlessly on d2e chipsets and it will work on older chipsets too.
    So no need to worry!


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