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    Online gaming

    Hey again, just a quick question.. is it normal that I get cut off from online play pretty often? it's happened both in MOH2 and MarioKart... is there something I should do on my router/firewall to prevent this?

    Thanks guys(and gals)

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    did you download save files and put them on your Wii?

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    no never, I played some mariokart yesterday and it didn't disconnect however MOH2 disconnects after about 8 mins of play

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    I keep getting disconnected all the time, even in Mario Kart.. I'll play one or two races then I'm told "you have been disconnected from the other players".

    I have nothing using my bandwith on my PC... I have a new router as well... SMC.. is there a specific port the nintendo uses that I should free up?? any help would be appreciated??


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    i have mario kart and medal of honor heros 2 and i have never got disconnected for any of them so i think it is your setup
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