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Thread: WiFi vs USB Gecko vs LG Drive

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    WiFi vs USB Gecko vs LG Drive

    I'm undecided about what option to choose for backing up wii games. With the new Wifi ability to dump wii images what do you all think is the best option. What are the pros and cons of each. I think that the LG Drive may be best because it saves the wear and tear on the Wii drive itself that the Wifi and USB Gecko would be using. Pros for Wifi is that there is No real money cost. Cons may be speed.

    USB Gecko
    LG Drive

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    Yes, to save the wear&tear on the wii Drive, the LG drive would be the better choice, with cons being there is a cost to it and that you will require a pc with IDE connection or have an enclosure.

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    I have tried all three as i found the right LG drive in a computer at work. I was unable to read one game with the LG but otherwise it was easy. Used wirless hte other night and for someone with my limited knowledge it went okay. Bought a usb gekco but have not been able to work it out yet.


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