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Thread: Do i need to scrub a wii game backup iso?

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    Do i need to scrub a wii game backup iso?

    Hi folks,

    I'm new to this whole softmod wii scene and i've just been trying to beef up on my knowledge before i go ahead with the hack. One question i have is regarding downloading of backups for games i already own. Do the downloads acquired from torrents/usenet typically have the mandatory updates scrubbed out of them? or is that something i would have to do after downloading/unraring? If so, what software is best used for this ?
    Just want to be sure i understand if this can cause a bricked wii.
    Do these mandatory updates, when present, just go and force the update, or do they at least prompt you before going ahead?
    Thanx very much for the help.
    These forums are sweet!


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    Most torrents will tell you in the header whether the game is scrubbed or not. You can also tell by the filesize: If it's lower than ~4.37GB in size then it's probably scrubbed.

    You'll generally only need to worry about scrubbing updates if you're loading from disc. Usb loaders wipe the update partition when games are added to WBFS drives. The software you're looking for is either Wiiscrubber or Brickblocker, the former being the most popular and both easily found via Google.

    You can also use a hack in Priiloader or Startpatch to prevent disc updates from ever showing up.

    So far any update prompt asks for your permission before updating the system.
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    Thanks for the reply Ithian. That's exactly what i needed to know. Much appreciated.



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